whole lengths lamellas

In one of our plants with its headquarters in Jezierze, we produce, inter alia, wooden glued boards. This type of products is perfect for both personal goals, as well as for equipping rooms in small, medium and bigger companies.

Among other things, we offer you:

Beech and Oak panels in whole lengths lamellas:

  • length - to 3000 mm
  • width - to 1060 mm
  • thickness - 18-20 mm, 25-30 mm, 30-40 mm
  • lamella dimensions on panel - thickness from 38 mm up

Qualitative conditions of a solid beech panels are the same as of finger jointed.

Qualitative conditions of a solid oak plate:

A - colour matching wood with little differences resulting from the nature of wood are allowed, sound knots up to 5 mm in diameter, sapwood, discolouration, black knots, putty and repair are unacceptable

B - differences in colour, solid knots and single black knots of a diameter up to 10 mm in a panel are accepted, sapwood and discolourations in the central parts of a plate not reaching the edges, repair and putty are also allowed

or according to customer specifications when previously arranged.

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