Several years of experience have allowed us to separate the best production methods. We offer our customers glued and turned components, steps and stair railings and other products made from glued wood.

We prepare all of the elements with the application of state-of-the-art equipment. We improve the production methods we use up to date. Owing to this, we are able to create products which will fully meet our Customer's expectations without any problem.

When producing wooden or glued rillstones, or pressed furniture elements, we use only the most durable materials which will impeccably serve their users for many, many years.

Type of wood: beech and oak

beech finger jointed glued frames

  • cross section 61x71mm, 61x76mm, 61x93mm, 61x124mm (or other according to customer requirements)
  • length 2170/1030/930/830mm
  • quality B/C
  • glued of two or three layers

oak and beech stair steps

  • quality A/B
  • thickness 38mm
  • width 330mm
  • length 900/1000/1100/1500mm
  • glued with four planks

oak and beech stair risers

  • quality A/B
  • thickness 21mm
  • width 180mm
  • length 1100mm
  • glued of four planks

oak and beech stair notchboards

  • quality A/B
  • thickness 38mm
  • width 330mm
  • length 3000mm
  • glued of four planks

solid oak beams

  • quality A/A
  • cross section 41x41mm
  • length 900mm

solid oak glued beams

  • quality A/A
  • cross section 90x90mm
  • length to 4200mm
  • glued of two planks

We also provide legs and feet for upholstered furniture, chest and household products made of glued wood, furniture components and household products according to customer specifications.

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