glued products

One of the products produced by our company is glued laminated timber. This type of furniture board composed of several layers is a very popular element used both in private households and by smaller companies, medium-size companies and large businesses as well.

The material we are offering is very popular amongst our Customers.

We provide our services in a location equipped with the most modern specialist machinery.

The plant in Jezierze is located about 2 km from the company headquarters produces:

  • glued beech and oak panels finger jointed
  • glued beech and oak panels in whole lengths lamellas
  • multiple range of turned and milling elements
  • beech finger jointed doors or windows scantlings
  • stairs components
  • oak and beech glued beams
  • household items or furniture components produced in the CNC machining centre in accordance with the technical documentation or customer’s designs.

In the plant, it is possible to:

  • varnish wooden surfaces with water-based varnishes - a modern method of varnishing with water-dilutable products,
  • stain wooden surfaces - a modern staining method with wood stain and water-dilutable paints.

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